• We have strict policies for administering medication to your child to ensure they are protected.
  • Based on new research about healthy practices for infants and toddlers, we require a doctor’s note for any medication, prescription or over the counter, given to a child under 2 years to ensure safety.


  • All perishable food is refrigerated.
  • Our menu is planned by a registered dietitian so your child eats nutritious foods.
  • We welcome breastfeeding mothers.
  • Every day, a tasty well-balanced meal is provided for your little one.


  • EI learning environment is filled with natural light, order and beauty.
  • The open spaces which are free from clutter, where every material is considered for its purpose, and every corner features dedicated learning spaces, inspired by Reggio Emilia’s approach in creating homelike environments, designed to help make children feel comfortable while learning practical life skills.
  • The carefully designed infant care area features a dedicated section that caters specifically to the younger age group with appropriately sized toddler furniture and activity play sets.