Newborn Baby Care: Ultimate Guide for First Time Parents

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It can be overwhelming to adjust to the demands of a newborn while having to balance your personal needs. Despite the fact, that the first few months will most likely be unpredictable and chaotic, new parents can ease into the process by planning their time management.

The key to coping is organizing and outsourcing. One should try to delegate duties and ask for help where needed.


Getting Organized:

  • Pre-planning and stocking– Chalk out a rotational schedule for baby care with your spouse. Anticipate things needed for both baby and mother. Shop for in advance and stock up on baby and maternal care products as well as weekly groceries.
  • Arrange your living space – Organize your available living space to make baby care easy. Try to create an area for keeping baby’s things handy. Designated baskets and bins for clothes, diapers, toiletries etc.
  • Prioritize– Plan to do tasks depending on their urgency. Focus on completing the ‘must do’ things. Eg:- Buying food items and preparing food, doing the baby’s laundry.
  • Set small goals– Be realistic about how much work you can get done with child care on hand. Break down household chores. Eg:- cleaning and tidying up of the home can be done over a few days.

Outsourcing and Delegating Duties:

  • Rope in family members and friends Don’t hesitate to ask people to help out in whatever way they can. Eg:- Doing grocery shopping, cooking a food item, helping with baby care tasks like changing diapers and nappies, watching over the baby while you are in the shower, clearing the table after meals. Every little bit they do can help new parents save energy and time.
  • Hire help– Depending on your location, budget and service provider options; arrange to employ a full / part time domestic helper or Daycare Center. Having someone to run your household can be a significant source of support. If possible employ a helper before the baby is born and train them well in time for the baby’s arrival.


Coordinating with the Baby’s Schedule:

  • Napping Newborns sleep in bouts of few hours. Try to take naps while the baby sleeps as sleep deprivation is one of the biggest challenges of parenthood.
  • Rotating night shifts– Divide the night hours into two shifts when each parent or a family member will be responsible for watching over the baby. This ensures minimum sleep requirement for each parent is met.
  • Remain flexible- Since babies are still in the process of establishing their routines, be flexible and work around their schedules by doing your chores or getting some much needed relaxation time while the baby sleeps.

Finding Time for Self:

  • Relaxing with the baby– Finding alone time in the first few months can be difficult with a nursing baby in the arms. Try to do simple things like listening to music, browsing magazines or reading a bit or some meditation and breathing exercises etc.

Letting the spouse take over Spouses should take turns in baby care to allow a worry free break for their partner. No matter how short the span maybe, use it as a much needed break and do things which relax you. Take a nap, a longer bath, go for a short walk, talk to a friend, enjoy a soothing beverage etc.