Parenting Tips for Twin Newborn Babies

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Most expectant parents are excited at the prospect of having twins and there is every reason to be so, as raising twins can be a unique parenting experience. What they may not anticipate though is this ‘double joy’ can also set them on a doubly challenging journey of twin newborn babies.

The hurdles these parents face are exclusive to multiple births.

Expected Challenges

  • Post birth complications– Twins may be born prematurely or have low birth weights which may require extended hospitalization after birth.
  • Lack of sleep– Till a synchronized routine is set; parents are likely to be extremely sleep deprived trying to care for one or the other, around the clock
  • Lack of quality one-on-one time with baby– most often twins miss out on the exclusive time for parental bonding. Time, attention, love and all physical resources have to be shared at every development stage.
  • Financial strains– Expenses related to childcare and education is doubled at the same moment.
  • Developing individual identities– Twins do not necessarily share all interests and traits. Their unique personalities need to be developed.
  • Equality issues– In an attempt to treat them equally; parents may end up suppressing their individualities.raising twins baby care

Coping strategies for parents of young newborn twins

  • Plan and organize Parenting twins till early childhood years will be most taxing physically, so plan your days ahead to make coping at home easier.
  • Sync their schedules– Try establishing a common schedule for both by feeding and making them nap at the same time. Other aspects of care giving should also be aligned, as far as possible to give parents a break from round-the-clock duty.
  • Have a resource basket– Save energy by putting all essentials needed for care giving in a basket/ big box and keep it handy (diapers, wipes, towels, clothes, food). Have several such boxes around the house.
  • Borrow or buy used baby gear– Baby gear and products can be extremely expensive and not every family can afford to buy two of each. Therefore view it as a practical idea to borrow or buy used products/hand me downs like cribs/cots, baby seats, highchairs, strollers etc.
  • Self Care– Raising two children in the same developmental stage, requiring the same kind of parental attention can be exhausting and stressful for parents. Remember to make time for yourself despite the demanding schedule.

Find time to go outdoors every day for at least a while by employing help for domestic chores, involving family members and friends whenever possible or calling a baby sitter or Daycare center.  Take turns with your spouse to nap or stay awake at nights.

 Special tips for raising twins

  • Be prepared– Know what to expect while raising twins by reading books, blogs, and articles by experts. By learning practical survival tips from other parents with twins.
  • Give exclusive one-on-one timeSchedule some exclusive, quality time with each twin as they are always at risk of not getting undivided attention of the parents.
  • Raise as Individuals– Encourage them to develop their individual identities. Let them dress differently as they get older, celebrate with different birthday gifts, make them each join a class or activity which doesn’t include the twin, etc
  • Discipline individually– Avoid comparing the twins with each other. Remember to treat them the way you would deal with two individual children. Never let one twin feel punished for another’s misconduct.
  • Watch out for genetic problemsHealth or early learning difficulty related issues having a genetic basis is likely to be found in both twins so if any problems are suspected, both should be tested.