"A Smile" Curriculum

Early Innings is proud to offer our unique “A SMILE “curriculum which brings together research & development from distinct domains viz., Neuroscience, Child Psychology , Edelman’s Theory, Montessori.

Our “A -S M I L E” Environment is an environment of engagement and security; of nurturing and exploration. It prepares the brain for optimal growth. Beautifully designed spaces are hallmarks of the Early Innings learning environment. We believe that our children learn best in beautiful surroundings, so we spare no effort in creating spaces that stimulate their senses and encourage their natural urge to explore everything around. EI learning environment is filled with natural light, order and beauty. The open spaces which are free from clutter, where every material is considered for its purpose, and every corner features dedicated learning spaces, inspired by Reggio Emilia’s approach in creating homelike environments, designed to help make children feel comfortable while learning practical life skills. The carefully designed infant care area features a dedicated section that caters specifically to the younger age group with appropriately sized toddler furniture and activity play sets.

You face big decisions as a parent. None bigger than early education. Parents know that at Early Innings we make it our passion to nurture a sense of discovery, joy, and wonder in every child. We guide them on this road to discovery with our research-based standards and assessments along six developmental domains.

Our curriculum provides a holistic, a complete research-based and multi-sensory learning experience for your child. It encompasses academic requirements as well as skills that will navigate your child through life. The acronym A S M I L E. stands for: Aesthetic, Sensory, Social, Motor (Music, Mindfulness and Movement), Intellectual, Linguistic and Emotional. It is a principle which acknowledges that brains, in their formative stages, need all aspects of mind stimulated simultaneously – and that all activities (even the most mundane) contain the potential for providing experiences that engage all of the A S M I L E elements.

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To a child, every minute is a moment to discover and marvel at the world around.
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